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chairman's speech


chairman speech


at the golden age of 18, explore and be the leader.


time is the growth ring of a city's history, and also the forward scale of the hard workers!


in 2002, shanghai successfully won the right to host the world expo,which marked a new era of the urban construction of shanghai,which is positioned as an international metropolis.the theme of "better city, better life" has led this expo to bloom in shanghai and also in the globe!


in 2002, by taking the opportunity and advantage, premier group came into being and started steadily  on the bank of huangpu river, adhering to the original mission of "making the city better”.


after more than 6000 days and nights or 18 years of marching forward, premier has grown into a comprehensive investment group featuring industrial parks, urban renewal and rental housing with the care and support of people from all walks of life as well as the handwork of all the staff.


the age of 18 marks the beginning of youth. over the past 18 years, we have been exploring a new development mode of organic integration of "industry, city and people", focusing on providing an industrial development platform, boosting the improvement of urban functions, and serving regional talents.


the age of 18 signifies maturity and responsibilities. figuring out how to transform the role from the “explorer” to the"navigator"in city-industry integration is not only the most sacred "coming-of-age ceremony" of premier but also the positioning and goal of our future.


we have entered into the third decade of the 21st century. i hope that premier people can focus on business and lead the industry in order to become an enterprise with customer satisfaction, employee pride and social recognition. i also hope that premier will continue to help the transformation,upgrading,innovation and development of urban industrial economy, and strive to become a leader in city-industry integration towards the goal of becoming a national brand with a century long foundation and even a greater dream!


a hundred boats are competing for the current, and those who strive to transport are the first.let’s work hand in hand to forge a bright future together on the road of deep ploughing the city-industry integration.



                                                                  ——xie guangping, chairman of premier group