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we create
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about 4,200㎡
project brief introduction

with the concept of "creation plus life", we create creates a shared office space suitable for the young, creative and free generation for entrepreneurs and innovation incubation enterprises. with the attentive service and comprehensive policy support, we create helps every entrepreneur embark on the road to success!

the new landmark of innovative life for trend makers 

the unique open style sharing office space 

high quality office space to meet the needs of teams of different scales 

comprehensive community office service 

entrepreneurial elite community and exhibition activities


entrepreneurship support 

three entrepreneurial platforms plus ten service systems to accelerate the growth of the team

three entrepreneurial platforms: 

platform for venture capital incubation 

platform for enterprise services 

platform for industrial finance

ten service systems: 

entrepreneurship guidance service 

policy guidance service

 management consulting services 

project application service 

financial and tax planning services 

marketing services 

personnel services 

public platform services 

training and development services 

financial docking service